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22nd Judicial District
Montezuma and Dolores Counties


District Attorney

Christian Hatfield

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About Christian

Christian is an accomplished attorney with nearly three decades of legal experience. He’s practiced law in state and federal courts in Massachusetts, New Mexico, Oregon, and Colorado. Originally from Boston, he’s made the Southwest his home for over twenty years, immersing himself in the local culture and community he loves.

In 2023, he was appointed District Attorney for the 22nd Judicial District and is now seeking re-election. As an Army veteran and seasoned trial attorney with more than 200 trials under his belt, he brings a unique blend of experience and passion to the position. Christian has honed his skills across various legal settings, including private practice from small to large firms and the government sector, where he’s served as Special Assistant Attorney General, Assistant Attorney General, and District Defender.  

Beyond his professional endeavors, Christian enjoys outdoor adventures with his wife and two children. He’s an avid skier, runner, and scuba diver and can often be found jet skiing on local lakes with his loyal companion, Arvid the chocolate labrador.  


Juris Doctorate *cum laude*

Vermont Law School 

South Royalton, Vermont

Master of Arts in Liberal Studies

St. John’s College 

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Bachelor of Arts in English

Reed College

Portland, Oregon

Boards, Commissions, & Special Projects

National District Attorney’s Association


Colorado District Attorneys’ Council

Board Member 

National Institute of Trial Advocacy (2004)

Instructor, 31 Ways to Winning Advocacy 

Multnomah Bar Association Professionalism Committee (2002-2003)

Multnomah Bar Association Young Lawyers Division (2001-2003)

Pro Bono Project 

Problem-Solving Courts Steering Committee

Awards & Recognitions

Special Recognition Award of Excellence  Recruiting, NMPDD (2006)

Special Recognition Award of Excellence

Office of the Year, NMPDD (2006)

Michael Haglund Award Winner (2003) 

Pro Bono Doer Award (2002)

Key Issues & Approach to Crime

In the pursuit of justice, Christian recognizes the complex issues facing our communities. From the challenges of substance abuse and mental health to the scourge of fentanyl, there are pressing concerns that demand attention and action.

Lack of adequate placements for the unhoused, insufficient treatment resources, and systemic issues within the state hospital in Pueblo are among the challenges Christian is determined to address. As a member of the Colorado District Attorneys' Council Governing Board and various committees, he advocates for meaningful reforms at both local and statewide levels.

Christian understands that crime will always exist to some extent, but he remains committed to mitigating its impact on our communities. By tackling these issues head-on and collaborating with stakeholders, he aims to build a safer, more resilient future for Montezuma and Dolores counties.

Christian's proactive approach to prosecution prioritizes rehabilitation over recidivism when appropriate. His philosophy of an effective prosecutor’s office includes a three-tier approach:

Tier 1

Identifying low-level and first-time offenders, especially those with drug, alcohol, and mental health issues, and directing them to necessary services that will keep them from becoming return customers to the justice system. 

Tier 2
Tier 2

Identifying those who have had prior involvement in the justice system and need a higher level of supervision, including programs such as Community Corrections, a mid-level facility operated by the Department of Corrections. 

Tier 3
Tier 3

Identifying the individuals at the upper end of the system. These are the offenders many think of when they think of crime. They are in the top 5% and require the most resources, including felony jury trials and prison time. Recidivists are individuals who have failed on probation and parole and those who commit the most serious crimes. 

By identifying and addressing the root causes of criminal behavior, Christian has effectively used diversion programs and support services for low-level offenders, reducing the likelihood of reoffending and promoting long-term community well-being.


Despite the obstacles, Christian remains relentless in his commitment to justice and service. His dedication to making Montezuma and Dolores counties safer is evident in every decision and action he takes. As part of that process, Hatfield plans to roll out a data analytical program called Dashboard to the district attorney website in July 2024, where the public can access the handling of cases by his office, including cases filed, timelines for resolution, outcomes and view how the local justice system operates in real time.


"Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty. Complex issues surrounding the criminal justice system will always exist, and crime will never be eliminated from society. However, we’ve made significant progress, and Montezuma and Dolores County residents are safer because of our vigilance and dedication to bringing offenders to justice. I’m proud of our work for victims and the community, and I look forward to continuing!”  


Under Christian's leadership, the 22nd Judicial District Attorney's Office has made significant strides in enhancing community safety and delivering justice. Upon assuming office in 2023, Christian faced daunting challenges, including a backlog of homicide cases and a lack of resources. The office had operated without a DA for six months and lacked attorneys experienced in handling cases of such significance as lead counsel.

Through strategic recruitment efforts and collaboration with law enforcement, Christian cleared the backlog of homicide cases. 


High-profile trials, such as People v. Boyd, People v. Garcia, and most recently, People v. Chilleen, a seven-count vehicular homicide trial, have been successfully prosecuted, bringing closure to victims and accountability to offenders.


Now, with 100+ years of combined trial experience at the DA’s office to dedicate to any case—no matter how large—Christian ensures no case goes unresolved. 


Jason Eley

- Assistant District Attorney, 22nd Judicial District (CO)

John Bigelow

-Former Chief Deputy Assistant Attorney General (NM)

-Chief Public Defender (NM)

-Chief, Trial Division, Commonwealth of Massachusetts


Dustin O’Brien

-Chief Deputy District Attorney, 11th Judicial District (NM)


Arlon Stoker

-Former Assistant District Attorney (NM)


Jack Fortner

-District Attorney Elect, State of New Mexico

Juliana Hatfield


Sandra Price

-Retired District Court Judge, 11th Judicial District (NM)


Gregory Tucker

-Elected District Attorney, 11th Judicial District (NM) 


Matthew Cockman

-District Defender, 11th Judicial District (NM)

Rick Tedrow

-District Attorney, 11th Judicial District (NM)

Douglas Echols

-Retired District Court Judge, 11th Judicial District (NM)

Bennett J. Bauer

-Chief Public Defender, Law Offices of the Public Defender (NM)

Kent Pace

-Pace & Little, PC

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